Sunday, October 24, 2010

nice cheap bongs

Black Leaf - 4 hose Party Bong   $89

Comes with 4 hoses, each with a wooden mouthpiece and 4 glass plugs for closing the unused outlets. Can be used by up to 4 people, simultaneously. Grass city

Black Leaf Inline Bong 18.8 - "The Nautilus"  $ 60.00


  • This brand new Black Leaf Inline Bong features an in-line built into the bong at the base. The diffuser tube within the blue colored in-line features 14 slits about 2mm wide each.
    The Black Leaf in-line Bong also comes with its own removable lift-off bowl. Ice notches in the tube allow to add ice cubes to cool down that smoke.
    Straight Tube: 18.8mm clear bowl. 5mm thick glass!   grass city


Percolator Bong Blue - Black Leaf  $ 49.50


  • The Percolator bong for the masses, With Ice Notches, a three arm Tree Percolator, a diffuser down-pipe and a Pre-Cooler.
    And all that for a super low budget price! grass cityl



  1. wow cool bongos and cheap too here a good bongo cost 50-80 euros

  2. I'd go for the nautilus! looks really nice and alot of flow can go trough it me thinks...

  3. All that glass looks sick, thanks for the links.

  4. the first one is epic

  5. The last looks really nice, anyone got usage from a bong similar to it or even that exact one?

  6. cool bongs i have a pink one thats exactly like the blue one